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SOCKS 2001


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Just like Laverne & Shirley...

Need someone to help you out with that nasty hotel bill? Need someone to go get the free ice when you're busy gluing stuff on your socks? How about....a roommate? Join the carpool list (link found on the map/carpooling page of this website) and try your very best to talk somebody into sharing a sleeping bag. When you've got your room situation all figured out, be sure to let one of the committee members know so we can keep track of how things are coming along.

I'll even take it a step further and offer you space RIGHT HERE to advertise that you need a roomie. Send me the following info and I'll put it up so other sockies can contact you and make it happen:
number of people you'd want in your room (I'll *update* this right away as you get more people to sign up in your room)
addition comments to let people gain interest in your company. I strongly advise you take advantage of this option!

What's next, personals?

"I've found the roommate of my dreams using the SOCKS2001 method!" (...participant may not have actually said that...)

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