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SOCKS 2001


History of S01?
Pretty Shiny *New* Stats!
The Sinister Plot
Convention Tips
Shelter From the Storm
Nothin' To Do With Much Of Anything

Interested in hosting or joining a carpool to the CRESvention? Take a look at the map below and see if there are other sockies near you. Join this Yahoo!Groups list to discuss your carpooling ideas with others interested: (just click the map)
Hopefully we can get something worked out that helps everybody.

*****ALSO: If you would like to have a ROOMMATE, please feel free to discuss this on the carpool list, and check out the new page, cleverly named "Roomies" where I will put up lists of who's sharing with who and who needs however many people and so on.

Locations Map -- mostly complete

Where's my Little Yellow Dot?

Missing a LYD? I'm sorry...Send in your city/state and I'll put in right up.