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SOCKS 2001
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Nothin' To Do With Much Of Anything

Linkage fun for everyone!

Oh no! It appears you've stumbled unto a page that has NOTHIN' TO DO WITH MUCH OF ANYTHING! What's wrong - the convention not INTERESTING enough for you? How dare you insult the grand power that is the planning committee? Yeah, you just enjoy the links...PUNK!

*Please* send me your links, annoying little HTML toys, or anything else you'd like to see up here!

As though it were really hard to figure out, all Sockhead owned/Sifl & Olly related links are in bold and extra big. The rest are pretty random, having NOTHIN' TO DO WITH MUCH OF ANYTHING...

Tina the Troubled Teen

Uncle Hyman

Links from Alison H.

111 productions on CDstreet

Bjork's website

geeknation, where the sockheads tribute cd resides

orange recordings, a very cres record label

Beck's website

Links from Derek

Takker's Links

Sock Love

THE Sifl & Olly Information Center

Article about Liam at - the world's best art

The halfbakery!

Superdeformed Barenaked Ladies

The Project Ishida -- need more be said?


This is...


Or as I like to call him, Mondo Matt!

I adopted him at the Ishida Adoption Centre because:

Team rocket uniforms are the best.

The Weather in Hell