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SOCKS 2001
Shelter From the Storm


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Shelter From the Storm
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As close to Dude's House as you can get

Get ready to see more of the Sockheads than any sane person would ever care to!

Thanks to our own very wonderful Alison, it looks like we've got a hotel lined up for us!!! Yee-haw!!!
To quote the newsletter sent out to all those on the CRESvention list, "RADISSON HOTEL OPRYLAND, 2401 Music Valley Drive, NASHVILLE
TN. is THE
HQ for the ONE and ONLY SOCKHEADS CRESVENTION of 2001!!!!! The Main meeting space (called The Haunted Spaceship) will be
there. 20
guest rooms have also been set aside - rooms either have a
king-size bed or
two double beds. The rates are:
Single rate $82.00 / night plus tax
Double rate $82.00 / night plus tax
Triple rate $92.00 / night plus tax
Quad rate $102.00 / night plus tax

*To make a reservation, call 615-889-0800, and say you are with
Sockheads group. If you don't say that, you won't get the group
rates above,
they'll charge you a higher rate."
Also, according to Alison/Mrs. Olly, "The rooms are great, the meeting room is great, the a/v
equipment for the meeting room is on site to rent, it's clean and
secure, there's an Applebee's restaurant in the lobby, you can walk
to a McDonalds, Bob Evans, or Cracker Barrel, you can walk to the Wax
Museum, it's 10 minutes from the airport, it provides free shuttle
bus service to the big mall and lots of other places, there's an
indoor pool, jacuzzi, wading pool, and GAME ROOM inside. whew."


Nashville Holiday Campground
2572 Music Valley Drive
(615) 889-4225
price quoted was $21.00 for two people / tent, $4.00 each after

KOA Opryland
Music Valley Drive
(615) 889-0282
price quoted was $22.95 / tent space.

AND...a little reminder from Alison ('cause I'm STILL too lazy to paraphrase): "People will be able to make reservations
throughout the fair month of May. In June we'll have to assess how many
rooms have filled up (hopefully all 20 by then). Another thing; you have to
be at least 18 to make a reservation, so if you're under 18, you need to
pair up with an old person. ;^)"

Something to keep in mind: Hotel tax is 13.25%! Eeek! Watch out for the little details, friends, and be sure to look at the links at the top of this page!
Until then...

(Tuesday May 01, 2001 6:18 p.m.)



Hotel Info

Shoney's Inn
2420 Music Valley Drive
ph: (615) 885-4030

Best Western
201 Music City Circle
(615) 902-9940

Fiddler's Inn North
2410 Music Valley Drive
(615) 885-1440

Red Roof Inn
2460 Music Valley Drive

Holiday Inn Express - Music Valley
2516 Music Valley Drive
(615) 889-0086