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SOCKS 2001


History of S01?
Pretty Shiny *New* Stats!
The Sinister Plot
Convention Tips
Shelter From the Storm
Nothin' To Do With Much Of Anything

Frequently Asked Questions (That Probably Could Be Answered By Searchin' This Site...)

A short introduction to the CRESvention, whether you like it or not.

Q: What is the CRESvention/SO1/The Sock Project?
A: Oh, boy, where have YOU been? The CRESvention is the Sockheads convention.

Q: Now, what does that mean?
A: A bunch o' sockies gettin' together and kickin' it...

Q: Where?
A: Nashville, TN. We're staying at the RADISSON hotel. Check the Shelter From the Storm page on this website for details.

Q: When?
A: We're looking at August 3-5.

A: No, not be quiet, you own shorts, right?

Q: Can I trade my tapes? Sell my T-Shirts? Buy things from other Precious Roy merchants?
A: *Maybe*, but it can't be anything ILLEGAL like BOOTLEGS.

Q: Can I get in on a carpool?
A: Take a look at the MAP/CARPOOLING page of this site. I've started an e-mailing list to work out carpooling, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Q: Can I help to organize?
A: Why, of course. Write to the contact address and ask real nice-like.

Q: Wait, I don't want to help, I just want to send you my life-savings.
A: That's wonderful, but we don't have a fund-raiser program worked out yet. We're not taking donations right now, sorry.

Q: I don't want to be roped into the responsibility of helping you, or give you money, but I do have an excellent idea. Wanna hear it?
A: You betcha! Send it in!

Q: What do I get for reading all these boring FAQ's?
A: comment.

Q: Are Matt & Liam gonna be there?
A: "If you build it, they will come"

Q: Just build it?
A: That and bait it with some nachos and free hot glue.

Q: Will the CRESvention be on the tele so Ma can tape it on her VCR machine?
A: We hope so.

Q: How 'bout the newspapers?
A: What do you care? You can't read.

Q: Is it that there will be an enterance fee?
A: Well, we DO have to cover the costs of the A/V equip...but NOTHING IS DEFINATE.

Q: Will there be passes or hand stamps or something so I can re-enter after I step out for some cereal?
A: We haven't worked that out *yet*, just know that it WON'T be a problem. Don't worry, don't you trust us to take care of you?

Q: Where are the campground sites?
A: You'll have to use the numbers on the Shelter page to get further info, sorry.

Q: If I stay at the campgrounds, can I still participate in the CRESvention?
A: Yes. You'll just have to mosey on over to the hotel wereas other folks will there.

Q: Is it okay if the person I'm bringing isn't into SnO?
A: What better place to convert them?

Q: Will there be go-carts and zoo trips and balloons and fluffernutter?
A: Woah, slow down. Our schedule of events is posted on the Sinister Plot page, and subject to change. Your comments are *expected* in the forum.

Q: When will you get rid of the FREAKING PANDA?
A: Don't. Question. My. PANDA!