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Welcome to the SO1 official site.

This site was created to inform you, a respected member of the Sockhead community, about the project S01, The CRESvention*!

This project was NOT created by me, nor was the Sockheads list, and especially not Sifl & Olly. But when the convention idea first started to take shape, I was part of the team that gathered Sockhead stats, gaining information on locations, contacts, and the like, so I put this site together in hopes to gain your interest in this project. Please explore the rest of this site, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

---Takker Bat


Explore the link above to get to know the Radisson a bit better. Includes shots of the convention room, pool, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not in fact have to SIGN UP for this convention. Just SHOW UP :) We keep a record of who's coming on the STATS page, so that others can see who they'll be meeting after all this time, and get a quick background check.
:::::THANK YOU:::::




Well, you've missed the deadline for getting in the Sockheads' block over at the Radisson...nice going, PUNK! Well, I did, too, so don't feel too bad. You could still probably get a room there, just not for the group rates. There are other hotels in the area that are a tad less pricey, and their info can be found on the Shelter page of this site.

Remember that if you need a roommate, you can advertise ON THIS SITE by following the directions on the "roomies" section of this site. Or you're always welcome on the CARPOOLING/ROOMMATE mailing list (link available on the MAP/CARPOOL page, I don't remember it offhand).

Also, your opinions of our Sinister Plot are greatly appreciated. There's a counter there, don't act like I don't know you've seen the page! Stop being so shy, you KNOW you've got ideas :)

AND FOR THE *VERY* LAST TIME: No, you may NOT have my hand in marriage!


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* The 'CRESvention' term is credited to Ryan Faillace. ("Proud Sockhead and winner of Chesterfest 2000" ;)