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Yeah, my socks talk to me - so what?!
SOCKS 2001

The Miracle Dirt On Sifl [and] Olly is hidden in this picture! Shhh!

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What\'s the 1ne thing you\'d never go to the convention without?

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Check it out, I learned how to put up a chatroom! I guess there should be some sort of rules...but we *are* Sockheads, after all, we can't even put a 'NONSNO' tag on our off-topic posts, so let's not waste our time with rules...

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, so you will not be able to chat.

You KNOW You've Wondered...

Now you can find out for sure if you and your favorite SnO character are truly compatable. Simply type in your name along with your favorite sock's, calculate, and the truth with be revealed!

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